We’ve got that Lovin’ Feeling!

OK – so we apologize in advance if our emotions are a little over the top – but today, on Valentine’s Day, we want to express some lovin’ feelings for all our AWESOME Professional Listing Members, our fabulous early (and newest) supporters, like Tom Grissom of RVP Digital Printing who donated $100 to our Chipin TechFund this week, our vendors and Advertisers – including old friends like DailyWorth, CeciliaCove, ppc-strategies, RedLotusLetter, Heineman Design, Small Business Bonfire, and new Advertisers Verizon Wireless and Eastern Planning – and, of course, our terrific family and friends!

We also want to send heaps of affection out to our utterly amazing core team members Alexandra Simone, Eve Gumpel and Liz Downey, our fantastic Advisory Board Members, our cool interns, our wonderful first (anonymous) woman Investor, our Corporate Sponsors, including American Express OPEN, and the other caring folks who have opened their hearts (and wallets) to help us give the world a decidedly feminine alternative to LinkedIn!

We’ve got a bunch of catching up to do – look at where Zuckerberg is and where we are now – but with your enthusiastic feedback and support, we know we’re on the way to achieving some memorable firsts!  Most importantly we are on the way to creating a totally unique company with virtual employees, on and off-site job-sharing and innovatively structured full and part time jobs. WomenCentric’s mission: to connect, inspire and serve a global constituency of professional women, entrepreneurs, activists, teachers, leaders, experts and job seekers.

We LOVE what we do, and the people – men and women – who are taking the time to help us, send us new resources, books and articles to read, make introductions, etc., etc. Today especially, we’re sending them heaps of heartfelt thanks and appreciation for their time, expertise and generosity!

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