Smart Stuff: Going Global

Expand your horizons, because the world of business is going global. You can be part of it through The International Alliance for Women – or you can help women in third-world countries get a leg up by getting involved in the Institute for Economic Empowerment of Women.

Founded in 1980, The International Alliance for Women was designed to implement programs that foster economic empowerment and advancement for women around the world.

WomenCentric TIAW Home pageOfferings include a corporate women’s leadership program, an entrepreneurship program and a microenterprise development program.

In fact, TIAW’s Global Summit of Women is coming up May 5-7 in Istanbul, Turkey.

The three-day forum will feature strategies for “Advancing Women’s Econonomic Opportunities Worldwide.” Participants include first ladies such as Turkey’s Emine Erdogan and Malaysia’s Datin Paduka Seri Rosmah Mansor, the vice presidents of Vietnam (Nguyen Thi Doan) and Uganda (Joyce Banda), plus business leaders and highly placed government officials from around the world.

There will be an entrepreneurial track, a leadership development track, a microenterprise track, and training for non-governmental organizations.

IEEW, Peace thru Business Home pageThen there’s the Institute for Economic Empowerment of Women. Says Terry Neese, founder and CEO of the nonprofit organization, “I have had my eyes opened wide — worldwide. Through our Peace Through Business program, which provides business training for women entrepreneurs from Afghanistan and Rwanda, I have seen what obstacles businesswomen in developing countries are overcoming.”

Peace Through Business also provides women business owners in the U.S. with an opportunity  mentor women from the other side of the world. Mentors say the effort is well worth the time invested. As Angie Hendricks of Bentley Hedges Travel in Oklahoma City, Okla., put it: “Being a volunteer and mentor for the Peace Through Business program changed my perspective
and my life. “

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