Cathy Liska

CEO and Training Director

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Travel: Global

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Being a Mentor, Finding a Mentor, Being a Resource for the Media, Connecting with New Clients, Finding Strategic Partners, Growing My Personal Network, Growing My Business
Cathy Liska is the CEO/founder of the Center for Coaching Solutions and the Center for Coaching Certification. As the Guide from the Side™, she is recognized among the best internationally in training, speaking, coaching, mediation, and consulting. Cathy has presented, trained, and facilitated thousand of events, workshops, certification courses, and organizational retreats. She freely shares from her 20 years of experience in business ownership and management and now empowers others through coaching and certification of coaches.

Her personal mission statement is “People.” Cathy is known for her passion in sharing the insight, experience, positive attitude, and information that empower others to achieve the results they desire.

Speaking Credentials


many TV and radio interviews and appearances - too many over the years to list

Speaking Engagements

Center for Coaching Certification
Center for Women
Society of Women Engineers
Association of Image Consultants International
Project Managers International
Center for Mediator Certification
Fred Pryor Seminars
Charleston County Parks

Special Accomplishments

Certified Master Coach, Certified Consumer Credit Counselor, Certificate of Excellence in NonProfit Leadership and Management, Certified Mediator

Published Books and Book News

Coming Soon

Coaching Perspectives
Certified Professional Coach
Certified Master Coach
Assertive Communication Today
15 Winning Ways to Better Living


CCC Staircase to Success Coaching Model
multitude of webinars on topics ranging from Coaching Skills for Leaders to Powerful Goal Setting for Results

Companies and Websites

CEO and Training Director, Center for Coaching Certification

Cathy's Contact Information:

5072 Coral Reef Drive
Johns Island, SC 29455

[email protected]
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