Nimble Networking Tips for Great Results!


Have you ever had a “clod encounter”??  Recently I attended a networking function of a regional business organization. After several pleasant conversations with different small groups of people (some who I knew and others who were new acquaintances) one of my conversations was rudely interrupted by a slightly drunk man. Although the woman I was… [Continue Reading]

Easy, Breezy Summer Makeover Tips

Pattie Simone & Francesco Bilotto

Have a hankering to spruce up your place for the summer but don’t have a lot of time? No worries! There are several fast and easy home makeover projects that you can accomplish in an afternoon. Design, lifestyle and entertaining expert Francesco Bilotto, met up with me in NYC a few weeks ago, and shared… [Continue Reading]

Grow Your Profits through Smart Product Placement

Peter Shankman

Movie stars and celebrities hawk products for hefty bucks. Major brands spend millions to get their products in front of us on movies and TV shows. Can the average small business owner or career-track person snag prime product placement opportunities? You bet! New times, new definition Up to about 10 years ago, traditional “product placement”… [Continue Reading]

How to Create Raving Fans


Do you know how valuable great service can be?? TD Bank does. Recently our founder observed a frustrating situation at one of the bank’s branches. She tweeted about it and got an immediate response via Twitter. The next day a SR VP called her and listened empathetically to her issue, and promised to investigate what… [Continue Reading]

How to Develop Your Personal Brand


Developing a personal brand is even more complicated than I thought. I engaged image consultant Mary Taylor of Navigating Life to help me shop for clothes last year. This week, we finally went back for accessories. I wear a watch and, typically, a necklace. I don’t bother with rings, bracelets and certainly not earrings. I… [Continue Reading]

Smart Branding and Online Influence Tips


A brand is any touch point between you and your ideal audience, says Lisa Steadman. Steadman, CEO of Woohoo Media Group, several tips for consistent branding at a talk presented to the Orange County chapter of the National Association of Women Business Owners. Also speaking at the monthly dinner meeting was Margaret Brown, who founded… [Continue Reading]

Easy DIY Home Makeover Ideas

Sample FauxPanels fire-rated stone accent wall

I love this time of year! We’re past the fun and hubbub of the Holidays and are back into some semblance of a normal routine. Because an organized and cozy home environment can positively impact on your overall frame of mind and productivity, this is a great time to look around and plan a few… [Continue Reading]

An Artful Adventure Book for Kids

Speeding Down the Spiral book cover

This is our first sponsored post and we could not be more delighted because it is in support of a fabulous children’s book, Speeding Down the Spiral, by mom of two, Deborah Goodman Davis. Colorfully illustrated by artist Sophy Naess, this Lemony-Snickett-like adventure takes place in the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in New York City,… [Continue Reading]

Ovarian Cancer Awareness Tips

Healthforher Logo

September is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month, so we are eager to do our part to inform every woman – and their respective networks of friends, family, peers and co-workers – about the warning signs and possible treatment options of this all-too-common disease. We were contacted by today, with an offer to share an informative… [Continue Reading]

Best End of Summer & Lifestyle Changing Diet

Egg white & cottage cheese omelet, coffee and a Land's End Catalogue - the perfect breakfast!

You’re talking to a diet pro here. Over the past 30+ years I’ve been on almost every (relatively sane) diet out there. The diets and diet food I’ve tried include: Nutrisystem Weight Watchers Suzanne Somers Diet The Atkins Diet Jenny Craig Diet South Beach Diet Siim Fast MediFast The Peanut Butter Diet I’ve lost  -… [Continue Reading]

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